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Wherefore Art Thou, My Dear Watson?

Christian Thought for the Day© - Week of July 24-30

Top 10 Christian Spiritual Recovery Quotes

Top 10 Playing the Victim and Vilifying True Victims Quotes

Never Mistake God's Patience for Weakness Quote

Let Us Not Tolerate Things That Put Innocent Lives at Risk! Quote

I Don't Give Them Hell, I Just Tell the Truth Quote

Happy July Birthdays! - Gail Meyers and Kelly Christensen

Narcissistic Mothers Are Like Tornadoes Quote

A Bird That Does Not Want the Chicks to Fly NPD Quote

Verses of the Day: Truth vs. Lies in the Bible

Narcissistic Gourd Pretending to be a Penguin Quote

For Satan Himself Masquerades as an Angel of Light

Inwardly They Are Ravenous Wolves Verse of the Day

The Apple of God's Eye Verse of the Day

The Wizard of Oz and Other Narcissists Quote

Unsafe People to Avoid: Self-Righteous and Only Apologize Quote

Verse of the Day Hebrews 4:13

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Find Your "No" - Echo Scapegoat Recovery Tactics© Facebook

The Beginning of Wisdom is the Fear of the LORD

The Only Thing More Shocking Than the Truth Quote

They Did Not See Fit to Acknowledge God

Looks Can Be Deceiving Quote

Lean Not On Your Own Understanding Verse of the Day

Big Eyed Daphne Damselfly - On the Wall Quote

A Certain Desperation That Comes From Being Purposefully Ignored

Keep Your Eyes on What You Think Quote

Angry Response for Setting Boundaries Quote

Christian Thought for the Day© for the Week of July 10-16

Go Back and Tell Yourself What You Know Now Quote

Trying to Control Others Quote

Don't Judge Yourself Based on What Others Did to You

Narcissists Have Secret Lives Quote

NPDMFB is Becoming Echo Scapegoat Recovery Tactics - Summer 2017

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