Homicide Investigations Requested on Extended Family of Origin Decedents 2016 - No Response

Previously Posted During The Year of the Police Report - 2016

Note of 9/12/2017: I recently received threats that if I do not stop (trying to get to the bottom of all of the deaths in my extended FOO in recent years, I guess), that they will slander or disparage me all over the Internet. The screenshot of this threat, made under a screen name of an FOO member I am concerned for, disappeared right off of my hard drive.

The real gangstalking scum have done this before, so I know it was not the person they were signed on as, undoubtedly hacking her account like they do mine. So testy that they have not been able to get over into the emotional manipulation, rather than discussing the facts. That appears to be because the FACTS would send them to prison, if anyone ever upheld the law.  Almost TWO YEARS and counting now that local law enforcement has given the crooks...and taken from my children (this includes grandchildren) and I - and who knows how many others.


This is a list of the decedents of which I requested homicide investigations on or before 2016. I have received no response whatsoever from police, only EGSC (electronic gangstalking commentary) claiming to be police, not the police, the "real" police, likenesses of various people crossing my path in the exact same manner in which multiple perpetrator stalkers deliver threats, stalk and harass.

When you are targeted, harassed, headblasted by gangstalkers 24/7 for days, weeks, months and years, they claim to be the police, not the police, the police again, not the police again, the "real" police, etc., while in person the one police department after another completely fails and utterly refuses to document, investigate, or otherwise perform their duties or to aid in the prosecution of the criminals, but adds to the gangstalking burden in a vast multitude of ways, which include but is not limited to bogus arrests under the pretense of "helping" them identified crooked cops in the system, electronic strikes under the pretense of "watching over" you while in their jurisdiction, verbal gymnastics, gaslighting, etc.

Gangstalking is really not so denial, all of the evidence is destroyed by hackers or thieves entering your home, excessive time given to the criminals by law enforcement, and the police passively allowing or actively engaging in and assisting with the agenda of the stalkers.

Greg NMN Schrader - Killed by KCKPD October 20, 1990

Dale Reynolds of Grain Valley, Missouri, signed over all legal rights to me as an infant to the late Gregory NMN Schrader who raised me. There was commentary that I was "unadopted." I was not nor do I wish to be "unadopted," as this is strictly in pursuit of legal rights for nefarious purposes. Dale Reynolds has not been a father to me, on the contrary I requested publicly in 2016 my desire for restraining orders against Dale Reynolds for myself and my children ("children" collectively means all blood descendants). This was requested publicly after spending weeks wrestling Mission Police Department in an attempt to get them to perform their duties, but receiving responses including but not limited to verbal gymnastics, gaslighting, street theater threats against my surviving brother while attempting to enter MPD, etc.

Gregory NMN Schrader was killed (shot three times with hollow points) in Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas, by police during the commission of an alleged crime on October 20, 1990. Burial was 10 days later on October 30, 1990 in the Edwardsville, Kansas Cemetary. The SMH workplace mobbing and gangstalking my child, grandchild and I endured in late 2005 (which continues to this day) was said to be because I could not "keep my mouth shut" about Greg's death. I had not even thought of Greg Schrader for years, let alone filed suit in the matter, but this lame blame-shifting began a pattern of ridiculous victim-blaming for out of control ongoing criminal activity.

This death is mentioned due to the fact that it remains to appear to me to have been the springboard (discussed with TEC in person in his office at SMH in 2005, when he claimed to represent this police department) to deceptively create, over years, the current situation with police. I have never in a personal capacity filed any cause of action against any person or entity other than child support and divorce, both in the 1980's, nor does or has TEC ever been given consent to represent me in any capacity. On the contrary, TEC has been the main perpetrator of the crimes committed against me for many years now. This death was discussed in TEC's office at SMH in 2005, with my copy of the coroner's report and police report disappearing from my files, and my late mother's file on it in TEC's office - while I was DRUGGED.

I will expand on this as I am able to, since just finding water fit for human consumption, air that is not toxic or containing drugs, gasses, fumes (much like at my Stinson desk, in the fake police cruiser Carew bullied me into while drugging and kidnapping me in May 2014-still not police report, justice, restitution or damages for this criminal activity either, but now claiming it was a car accident and meth - my car was not wrecked even though there have been numerous attempts to cause me to have an auto accident during and since 2005), and food that has not been tampered with, poisoned, drugged or otherwise manipulated, has become quite laborious in combination with the ongoing 24/7 headblasting, major physical injuries, drugging, etc.

Known Decedent 2 of 7: Thomas Fred Mize

Thomas Fred Mize, Bonner Springs, Kansas

by Kelly Christensen, previously published on kc3lady.blogspot dot com in 2016.
I no longer see the article articulating my late maternal grandfather, Thomas Fred Mize's (my maternal grandfather) death during the early morning hours of July 1, 2001. Two red Chevy S-10 pickups collided head-on on the interstate with Thomas Mize driving on the wrong side of the interstate. This article was still up until after I mentioned it during this reporting in 2016. 

He had been fading in and out of lucidity for 18 months, bloodshot eyes, regressing, as well as repeatedly getting up in the night attempting to leave the house - with no such prior history. [Brain Theme] This was blamed on clogged arteries according to the explanation given to me by GS, stating to me in person with my late Grandmother standing right beside her in Thomas Mize's bedroom, that there are "four arteries," "two were 50% blocked" and "two were 100% blocked."However, the look on my Grandmother's face when GS said this to me clearly told me GS was lying. I just had absolutely no reason at the time to suspect criminal activity.

Note: In 2006 when my mother died, Dale Reynolds relayed a story to me that Tom Mize had run him out of Bonner when I was a baby with "a cop named Tiny," and that "they called him 'Tiny' because he was big and fat."

Note: The unauthorized medical records (such as the stack TEC handed me at SMH and told me to be sure to shred because "we" [meaning he] was not supposed to have them), if illegally accessed in this situation also, may have provided an excuse for the potential orchestrated death mimicking a true issue Tom Mize had due to the fact that he had I believe a triple bypass in his early 50's.

No one would take "Daddy's" damn keys, which frustrated even Jim Coleman according to my late Grandmother, especially since he had previously been spotted driving up the off ramp or down the on ramp, etc. He had a closed casket funeral. While he was 80 years old, the completely innocent father and husband who died in the crash was only 45.

TC (plumber) issued his expert legal opinion to me, while I was in law school at The University of Kansas School of Law, at the wake or funeral of my grandfather, stating "They [the wife of the innocent man's who died a fiery death in the other truck] can not sue."  This needs to be investigated too.

Gangstalking Commentary received in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas 2014, I believe:
"Tom Mize died for letting you graduate from law school."
(Hint: He died in 2001. I graduated in 2004. Someone is absolutely OBSESSED with my law degree and preventing me from practicing).
"There was a deal made Tom Mize for you."
"I'm the head of this family now."
"You nearly died the same way Tom Mize did" was commentary when that was the case in 2005 insofar as I was driving around for months drugged, etc.

Additions added September 10, 2017: Tom Mize was driving with his dome light on, which has been used to threaten me in recent years by cars driving by with their dome lights on - prior to me losing my automobile in the May 2014 crimes committed against me.

There was a strong likeness of Thomas Fred Mize in the Mission Pride Cleaners parking lot a couple of years ago when I was walking to the store. He looked wild eyes and had thick, protruding eyebrows.

Marie Francis Schrader

[Still in the process of proofreading this one]

Known Decedent 3 of 7: Marie "Check" Francis Schrader

My mother's middle name was "Francis" not "Frances." Dar was always "Darlene" until that time when it was suddenly "Darline." Grant is the oldest great-grandchild, not Ryan. The typos in these obituaries are worth noting, as well as the erroneous dates. Of course, once I mention it there will be gaslighting rather than the damn cops ever doing their jobs.

This is my late mother's obituary. She has several markings on her life and her death may also need to be investigated as a slow kill deniable gangstalking murder in the Kansas City, Missouri, Clay County Jurisdiction, and having worked out of the Claycomo office of The Kansas City Star. (This should include, but not be limited to investigating induced cancer with the use of electronic weapons, asbesto-infecting, insurance fraud, identity theft, harvesting, Social Security, etc.)*

Marie "Check" Francis Schrader Obituary

Kansas City, Mo.

Marie "Check" Frances Schrader, 58, Kansas City, Mo., died Thursday, March 16, 2006, after a courageous battle with lung cancer. Funeral services were Monday at the Alden-Harrington Funeral Home with burial in the Bonner Springs Cemetery. Visitation was Sunday at the funeral home. [Note: my late mother's middle name was "Francis," not "Frances."]

Mrs. Schrader was born Nov. 20, 1947, in Kansas City, Kan. She grew up in Bonner Springs and attended Bonner Springs High School. She was an accomplished writer and artist as well as an avid gardener. She was employed by the Kansas City Star for several years and had also worked at the J.C. Penney Distribution Center in Lenexa. See compartmentalized The Kansas City Star obituary, maintained by Legacy after displaying for one year - thus, you can not read the full obituary without paying a fine.

She was preceded in death by her father, Thomas Fred Mize, in 2001. Survivors include three daughters, Kelly Christensen, Kansas City, Mo.; Toni Carver and husband, Terry, Shawnee; Alfi DeLeon (my edit: childhood nickname "Fred") and husband, Roberto, of the home; two sons, Gail Schrader and wife, Lucy, Kansas City, Mo.; and Michael Schrader, Kansas City, Mo.; her mother, Clara Mize, Bonner Springs; three sisters, Darlene Chambers and husband, Tom, Kansas City, Kan.; Gloria Smith, Bonner Springs; and JoAnn Letourneau and husband, Tom, Lenexa; 10 grandchildren, Amber, Ashley, Jacob, Sydney, Madison, Cori, Ty, Mercedes, Elizabeth and Amy; and two great-grandchildren, Ryan and Grant. [Note: My grandson, Grant, is the oldest great-grandchild, not Alfi's daughter Ashley's son, Ryan].
*Known decedent, targeted or concerned about having been or being targeted.
Arrangements: Alden-Harrington Funeral Home, 204 Oak St., Bonner Springs, KS 66012, (913) 422-4074.

My Mother Found Love

After a rough start of becoming pregnant with me by Dale Reynolds while in Bonner Springs High School in the 1960's, which resulted in being expelled for being pregnant without being married, my mother went to business school. Her grandmother, Ruth Mize, paid for it, and as my mother told the story was the only one to stand by her after Dale deserted her to marry another "woman" he had been seeing after dropping my mother off at her midnight curfew. The other woman got off work at a gas station at midnight, and was also pregnant by Dale. Hence, my half-sibling Robin, which Dale stated in 2006 had died "just like you [me] nearly died," was only six months younger. Dale's mother also helped babysit me as a baby, even though Dale and his new wife moved in right next door to Cora, which certainly must have been difficult for my mother, needing the child care but having it "put right in her face" so to speak.

While attending business school downtown Kansas City, Kansas, as I recall her telling the story many times over the years, she was struck by a car at 7 months pregnant. She said the car was a carload, not a single driver, they knocked her over and they did not even stop to see if she, 7 months pregnant, was okay. That sent her into labor with me, causing me to be born prematurely in the most dangerous 7th month. So I was in an incubator being only 4 pounds, I believe 12 oz. (my original birth certificates are missing from my personal files or I would look). She got a bookkeeping job, an apartment downtown Bonner and even a car. I ingested Drain-o, Dr. May gave me a glass of water causing much more severe damage, and she married the late Gregory NMN Schrader. Twenty-one years and four more children later, she left Greg. He died about a year later.

Now no one loved my mother more than I did, even though Alfi might leg wrestle me for the title, but as it often goes between childhood sexual abuse survivors and their mothers, there were tumultuous times. Having had a decade to grieve who my mother was, and who she wasn't, in an honest manner rather than the gaslighting fantasy some family of origin members attempted to force on me, (namely GS, especially in more than one absolute vicious verbal assaults), I can focus only on the good parts of my late mother.

My mother was a creative genius. She could sew, decorate, paint (toll and collage), and calligraphy, which became several craft businesses over the years. She was a published author and in the Whose Who of Poetry. And yet, she spent the last years of her life delivering newspapers, piecework, in the rain, snow, ice, and heat, for The Kansas City Star, out of their Claycomo office. Worse yet, it was an independent contractor position, so she had the additional tax burden as well. Her enduring the same or similar electronic assault, harassment and trespass that I am current enduring is highly suspected. She also purchased a foot bath, could barely walk when she got out of bed in the morning, was having sugar cravings (suspected parasite infection from psychos), never took aspirin in her life but was taking Tylenol PM to sleep, something to stay away (headblasting 24/7 interferes with REM sleep causing you never to get rested - this is also restorative sleep - the psychos have interfered with mine here in Mission for years now - hasn't ceased for five minutes with 20+ months of reporting these crimes, etc.

Gangstalkers Causing Cancer

  • My mother experienced "heat bursts" that she believed to have been menopause for approximately 10 years. 
  • I have recently developed symptoms of being the target of multiple perpetrator stalking of barely being able to walk when I get up out of bed, which has greatly worsened since my feet have been struck, especially my right foot in Fairway, Kansas by psycho cop (as well as in other jurisdictions, namely Shawnee, Merriam, and Mission).
  • My mother never took a pill, but was taking omething to go to sleep at night (Tylenol PM), leading up to her diagnosis with small cell lung cancer (at least that is what I was told - asbestos was never mentioned to me at that time. However, Toni claimed to Bo that I was going to sue for "my part." That made no sense. My part of what? The debt on the house?)
  • She was coughing so badly that she would gag, and have to get off of the phone. 
  • (She smoked, heavily, but I think stopped immediately, prior to diagnosis at Liberty Hospital).
  • I have reason to believe her eyes may have been harvested.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Cops Causing Cancer - Johnson County Area Law Enforcement
CB, an IKON worker I met while working for TEC at SMH and remained friends with for a couple of years, encouraged me over two days to call Dale Reynolds, which I did shortly prior to my mother's death. She was startled and not exactly thrilled to see him. He stepped in her room for a few minutes, then stepped out and told me: "You sure look beat down." (Workplace mobbing at SMH (left at the end of October 2005) and Gangstalking, and my mother died March 16, 2006). In between him telling me a dozen times to look how much better he was doing with his 3rd or 5th or 8th or whatever it is, education, he had this to say about my mother: "Your mother reaped what she sowed and you're going to too if you don't stop smoking." - Dale Reynolds

Dale Reynolds, Grain Valley, Blue Springs, MO Quote
Dale Reynolds
Mighty Pearl of Wisdom
(Otherwise Known as a Quote)
I am happy to say that after my mother divorced Greg, and he died, I introduced her to Wes King, whom I had known for two years. I will never forget the phone call after their first date. She called me, excited and kind of freaked out, and said, "Oh my God, Kelly!  I can't date him. He's way too good looking!"

Wes (Echoed to Waseem) and my mother became very close companions and lovers. They worked on her house together, both being so talented mechanically. Wes is a tall, handsome, intelligent, well-spoken and well-read, mannerly man. He retired from TWA as an airline mechanic, being not just one of the mechanics who worked on the 747's (I believe it was), but sitting in the "box" as the consultant the rest of the airline mechanics ask questions of should they not be able to figure something out.

Now my mother's father, Tom Mize, did not even work on simple Chevy motors, and Greg could fix a car or finish the basement - while cussing and yelling - but Wes could do all of that and more - without having temper tantrums or being a control freak. It was nearly predictable that my mother's youngest sister, JMML told Wes something so venomous shortly after the two of them met, that Wes would never even repeat it. It was his class act response to vicious gossip. Equally predictably was GS and TLC trying to run and jump on him, since my mother was finally seeing a decent man.

In any case, the two of them, Wes and my mother, enjoyed other common interests, such as gardening and landscaping. The two of them landscaped my mother's entire yard. Both enjoyed learning and reading, talking and listening, especially about politics. My mother also said Wes became a Christian. So, I am happy that my mother finally had a good man in her life for the last 16 or 18 years. Wes stood by her during her illness, too, just as he had raised his own children and taken care of his mother.

These are medical records we're not supposed to have, so be sure to shred them. Tom Carew 2005
TEC Quote

Criminally obtaining someone's medical records assists in inflicting them with something that mimics a believable condition or disease. Additionally, there were five generations alive in my family at this time: four single women and a three year old little boy, regarding medical experimentation.



My Mother's IRS Problems and Bankruptcy

Just as I never had a tax problem with the Internal Revenue Service prior to working for TEC in 2005, but have had nearly endless tax issues ever since, including that very year, my late mother also had tax problems prior to her death. She had money problems which led to a reorganization bankruptcy.

Obituary excerpt:
He, (TEC's late father-in-law) continued his career with the Internal Revenue Service, and was selected to the Executive Management Services division where he managed various regional functions and served on a national task force to integrate computer systems.

Computer Hackings

My mother's computer was hacked so badly that I could not fix it.

"Radio takes advantage of one of the most interesting of all electrical phenomena: electromagnetic radiation (EMR). EMR waves with frequencies higher than radio waves go by various names, including infared, ultraviolet, x-rays, gamma rays, and - most importantly - visible light. (higher frequency than radio-visible light). The frequency of visible light is measured in billions of hertz, also called trahertz (THz). The low end of visible light (red) is around 405 THz and the upper end (violent) is around 790 THz." Electronics All-In-One for Dummies, p. 438

According to HAM Radio for Dummies, computers can be hacked using HAM radio equipment.
According to HAM Radio for Dummies, computers can be hacked using HAM radio equipment. It is used to cause the television and radio interference as well.

Now I was prevented, by use of HIPAA, from obtaining information regarding my mother's medical care, as well as obtaining my late grandmother's cause of death. However, TLC and AMD were on the HIPAA. However, my mother immediately quit smoking, prior to obtaining care at Liberty Hospital, where she had an excellent, in my opinion and dealings with her, female oncologist. I previously attempted to warn Liberty Hospital, via the internet from the Cedar Roe, Johnson County Public Library, that TEC had impersonated medical personnel in my room, while being treated for dehydration, in-patient, at approximately 2:00 a.m., attempting to obtain my signature for a gastrointestinal surgery I did not need. (These medical bills were a part of a bankruptcy discharged in late 2007, the original documentation of which disappeared from my Mission, Johnson County, Kansas apartment, which was entered during the May 2014 absence. (Coined an "episode" by perpetrator psychos - I do not have episode, I was drugged and kidnapped by TEC). I know that it was entered, and that my personal documents were gone through, for certain). He also wanted to know, at 2:00 a.m., if I was sexually abused as a child. (He is doing to full grown women what pedophiles do to children).

NKC Hospital medical staff, trying to use SMH employee insurance as I recall (expired 24 hours earlier), returned to tell me that my esophagus had been "moved over" after performing a chest x-ray.  Could this have been asbestos stuffing? So, for example as was the case with my late mother, if someone INSTANTLY QUIT SMOKING, would that facilitate deception and fraudulent or criminally obtained claimed by next of kin, or maybe some lunatic criminally obtaining a POA, etc.? Why, Mr. Martin LTNS. I hope you are doing well.



>The late Gail "Bo" Thomas Schrader had a perforated colon

Known Decedent 3 of 7:  Gail "Bo" Thomas Schrader


[Add decedents in Bo's extended FOO on the Schrader side - Gail, Leitha, last I heard Linda is suffering from cancer]




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