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The New Directory for Echo Scapegoat Recovery Tactics© as it is being established this summer on Facebook.


Update: Narcissistic Personality Disorder Mother Facebook was recaptured yesterday, July 3, 2017. Please join us during the move this summer to Echo Scapegoat Recovery Tactics© on Facebook and around the web. (It was noted on July 5th that the copyright notice was removed from the page title, as it was around the web). If you experience any "glitches," please let us know. Thank you!

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As you may have heard, we announced, and were still announcing, a move from Narcissistic Personality Disorder Mother Facebook to Echo Scapegoat Recovery Tactics© Facebook (and around the web), on Saturday, June 24, 2017, when the relentlessly hacked page was hijacked for at least the third time since it was created on September 21, 2011. 

For the first year, we really had a great environment with a lot of therapists joining us, and many survivors. Only one person was blocked that entire first year. Then, Narcissistic Personality Disorder Mother Facebook began rising in the search results, and was hijacked for the first time in the summer of 2012. That is in addition to the ongoing smaller harassment, endless "glitches," etc.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder Mother Facebook is still on the front page of the Google search results for its keywords, which in and of itself has appeared to cause quite a bit of black hat SEO to be directed toward the site. So, it seemed a refreshing change was needed, and it was great to have a fresh Facebook page with all the features working, and to see the updates that must have been hacked off of Narcissistic Personality Disorder Mother Facebook. However, it appears the newly created Echo Scapegoat Recovery Tactics© was deleted during the hijacking - at least the link no longer works. Abandoning the page is not the goal or intent. It appears it may well be part of the resolution of the cyber and multiple perpetrator stalking, online theft of digitally copyrighted material, and numerous other civil and criminal proceedings which should rightfully result from this ongoing ordeal which has really been nothing short of terrorism. 

But, for now, this sitemap is provided because it was noticed that the navigation is again hacked off of the page so that you can't even find the photo albums. So, here is the directory, and you can find us on Echo Scapegoat Recovery Tactics© on Blogger and a Google Community (which is already experiencing some "glitches," but hopefully those will decrease rather than increase). 

Gail and Kelly - June 30, 2017


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Welcome, we are glad you are here.  If you are new you can start here.  If you are a regular, this index can help you get around. I am currently doing some expanding and reorganizing after this last round from the hackers. - Gail Meyers

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