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Make note that there is a big difference between feeling guilty and really being guilty. Whether one feels guilty or not, a person is guilty if a moral law has actually been violated. On the other hand, if one feels guilty and a moral law was not broken, this feeling is called false guilt. False guilt is guilt that individuals place on themselves for their regrets, failures to live up to the expectations of themselves or others, etc. Sometimes an individual will displays what appears to be false guilt, but what is actually true guilt that is due to the secret breaking of some moral law. Anthony Centore, Guilt: Counseling Information for Overcoming and Resolving Feelings of Guilt on BOSTON COUNSELING THERAPY

Shaming and Quilt Tripping Quote by Dr. George Simon

Manipulation via Shaming and Guilt-Tripping: Using the Conscience of the Neurotic against Them by Dr. George Simon at 

Shaming and guilt-tripping are without question the favorite tactics disturbed characters use to manipulate people with consciences that are more developed than theirs.

Character Disturbances by Dr. George Simon in the bookstore.

It is important to realize that you may be dealing with false guilt. It may be that you are too critical of yourself or that someone else has caused you to feel badly when there is no basis for it. You may not have anything to apologize for. In that case, the problem lies within your own mind and you need to let it go. If someone is accusing and blaming you falsely you can work through the questions and weigh the evidence about whether you have done something hurtful or wrong. Ultimately, God is your judge. He is the One to whom you will give an account. He is the One you can run to when you are uncertain, confused and burdened. Lynette Hoy NCC, LCPC, Four Questions to Stop the Guilt-Trip 

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