Top 10 Foods I Started Buying Since Being Targeted

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Falafel Patties

2.  Garbanzo Bean Flour (Chickpeas)

Prior to a couple of years ago I had never even tried chickpeas, but they are creamy and tasty beans. Flour made from these beans has a "sweet, rich flavor." Garbanzo bean flour is high in protein, a good source of fiber, and gluten-free. It also can be added to thicken soups, sauces and gravies.

However, you can also make Falafel Patties or Falafel Burgers. The small bag I buy from Natural Grocers has a recipe right on the bag. Just click on the links to go to the recipe. It is a Middle Eastern recipe with parsley, cumin, coriander, garlic, onion, and lemon juice.  I suppose you could experiment and adjust it accordingly.

You may develop a taste for falafel patties to enjoy anytime, and a patty or two will definitely keep you from getting that weak famished feeling while providing some pretty good nutrition and flavor. Try Chickpea Flour Flatbread by Broke*ss Gourmet

Note: If your targeting is or becomes as intense as mine, and you have to carry with you everything you don't want stolen, poisoned, drugged, or otherwise destroyed, a bag of garbanzo bean flour with some spices is a light and easy thing to carry. I have to carry my food on my back every time I walk out the door, even with serious physical injuries from stalker-perpetrators (still without a police report in excess of three years after the fact).

1. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds have health benefits they are known for such as Omega oils, but my biggest attraction is that they absorb several times their weight. I have found that when my food is poisoned, as has happened dozens and dozens of times while being targeted, it has often absorbed it and I feel better soon. Of course, this is not medical advice, but it has worked well for me. Chia seeds are definitely something worth learning about and trying. I chose one video, but be sure to continue learning about it on your own.

Locally, here in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas, I was paying something like $12.79 lb. for chia seeds at HyVee until I found them at Natural Grocers for $2.49 for 8 oz. (or approximately $5.00 lb.).  Whether that be the case in this particular situation or not, price gouging is another occurrence when targeted.

While they were not perhaps as severe as what I have endured in the HyVee here in Mission, I recall incidents with HyVee in Lenexa several years ago when my daughter was first targeted. I was getting a salad for lunch everyday at their lunch bar when I noticed little bugs in it.  A member of management then explained to me how every salad bar has bugs in I had just never noticed it before.

Then there was the distinctly rotten shrimp ring I purchased from the HyVee in Lenexa, where I did not generally shop. I was shopping there because I was on EBT for approximately two months. In any case, I took it home and opened it. It smelled so bad I literally took it outside prior to returning it. When I returned it the clerk made the comment how someone else had return one, too. I then returned to the meat counter where they were for sale. They had had two extremely rotten rings of shrimp returned and still had not removed it from the display!


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